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Announcement on the addition of "Taiyuan University of Technology Professional Accreditation Analysis and Consultation System (College Edition)

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To improve the efficiency of professional certification of engineering education, the college launches "Professional Certification Analysis and Diagnosis System (College Version)", and the college version of the certification system is set up as follows

1. College-level administrator: Wang Fang

2. Professional leaders: Liu Yuanzhen (civil engineering), Du Zhenyu (HVAC), Zhang Hastings (road and bridge)

3. Course leader: set by the respective professional leader

4. Course teachers

Please login to the system and learn the training materials for using the system.

The initial account number and password are work number, the first login will be forced to change the password.

http://yun.zenith.sh.cn/paefis/login School input: Taiyuan University of Technology

Hereby notified.

College of Civil Engineering

November 25, 2021

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