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‘Riding the waves, chasing the dream of youth’ ——A report on the deeds of the national scholarship winners of graduate students was held in our college

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On Nov. 25, a presentation on "Riding the Wave, chasing the dream of youth " was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the College. This event invited nine postgraduate national scholarship winners to share their experiences, aiming to give full play to the role of outstanding students, inspire students' sense of alignment and enthusiasm for learning through experience sharing, help students find the correct study and research methods, and thus promote the further development of scientific research in the College.

The first speaker was doctoral student Guo Yaodong. Guo Yaodong opened the session by sharing his research experience from undergraduate to PhD level. He introduced his main research results and the patents he obtained. He said that research is like life, we will be happy because of the surprises in life, we will also be happy because of the small discoveries in research; we will be sad because of the dissatisfaction in life, we will also be annoyed because of the small failures in research. If we are positive about life, life will become colorful, and if we are optimistic about scientific research, scientific research will become vivid and interesting. On the way of scientific research, we must actively adjust our mentality, face it calmly and solve problems.

Afterwards, two master students, Li Beibei and Miao Yanchun, shared their experiences from various aspects, such as research experiences, insights and motivation for future students, describing the difficulties they had encountered and the beliefs that had supported them to carry on their work.

As fellow students, they helped each other under the good atmosphere of the subject group. They have achieved their promise of winning a national award together. In addition to sharing his research experience, Wang Xiaxin taught everyone how to find literature efficiently, introduced literature management software, and then shared some real insights on thesis writing and software learning.

Four students, including Fan Qi, shared their rich research experiences and efficient study methods, and stressed the importance of cherishing time and seizing opportunities for a young scholar to develop good study habits and maintain a healthy and regular lifestyle. Finally, Chen Zhiwei shared his personal experience in research and student work, saying that it is important to focus on the all-round development of personal qualities in the postgraduate stage and to spend three years in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

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