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Du Baocun, Shen Linghua and Yang Huiwei won excellent results in the school's young teachers' teaching competition

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On November 27-28, the final of the 2021 Taiyuan University of Technology Young Teachers Teaching Competition was successfully held in the Yifu Building of Yingxi Campus. Li Zhonggui, Vice Chairman of the Shanxi Federation of Trade Unions and Chairman of the Shanxi UNESCO Sports Union, Yin Yuping, Vice Chairman of the Shanxi UNESCO Sports Union, Wu Douqing, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, and other heads of departments such as the Personnel Office, the Undergraduate Institution and the University Trade Union attended the meeting and presented awards to the winning teachers.  The final competition was divided into four groups: Science, Engineering, Arts and Civics, with a total of 57 young teachers from 26 colleges participating. After two days of fierce competition, our civil engineering college member Du Baocun won the first prize in the engineering group, and Shen Linghua and Yang Huiwei won the second prize in the engineering group.

Over the years, our college has attached great importance to the construction work of young teachers and insisted on holding the young teachers' teaching competition to build a platform for the growth of young teachers. Three representatives of the participating teachers were selected from 52 participating young teachers by the preliminary round of the College's Young Teachers Teaching Competition and became the best to participate in the final round of the school. The competition further improved the teaching level and education ability of young teachers and showed the spirit of devotion to teaching and the pursuit of excellence. All teachers and students of the college congratulated them for their excellent achievements.

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