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Our college held a meeting to promote the construction of academic style

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Recently, various tests have started, to strengthen the college study style construction, education guides the student to enhance the sense of discipline and integrity, and properly prepared epidemic prevention and control work, and during the test on December 17, advance will held in the college conference room on the second floor in our study style construction, college party committee, vice secretary of Lu Qian, all of the instructors. The meeting was chaired by Lu Qian.

Conference, Lu Qian conveys the conference spirit about CET-4/CET-6, post-graduate entrance examination and final examinations of our school, emphasized the significance of strengthening the construction of study style and strict management of examination discipline, points out the difficulty and complexity of of health monitoring and daily management under the background of the COVID-19, the counselors asked to further implement the style of study education and epidemic prevention education, ensure students take exams smoothly and orderly.

Subsequently, Lu Qian made specific arrangements for the study style work in the near future according to the characteristics and requirements of various examinations. Counselors should reiterate exam discipline to students, emphasize the serious consequences of all kinds of violations, and guide students to be self-disciplined and honest, Lu said. At the same time, students are taught to abide by the epidemic prevention principle of "do not go out unless it is necessary", do daily health monitoring according to the requirements of the examination, accurately fill in and submit the "temperature commitment letter", "two code" and other epidemic prevention materials on time; counselors should strictly check, carefully review, maintain a safe and healthy examination environment. In addition, counselors should continue to pay attention to the ideological dynamics of students, go deep into the classroom and dormitory, observe and understand the status quo of students' examination preparation, timely encourage students to maintain a positive attitude towards the examination, pay attention to the learning dynamics of key students, guide students to strengthen communication, help each other, and create a strong and harmonious learning atmosphere before the examination.

At the end of meeting, Lu Qian stressed that the school tradition construction is the key of the college student work, the education of students form good learning habits, set up correct learning concept, stimulate the internal motivation is of great significance, the counselor should continue to strengthen the consciousness of responsibility and dedication, be full to the all-round education, to promote college study style construction work to a new level.

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