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A delegation from the School of Construction Engineering of Shanxi Engineering Science and Technology Vocational University came to college for exchange

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On the morning of December 10, Song Yanli, Dean of Architectural Engineering institute, Guo Qingyang, Vice Dean of School of Construction Engineering, Shen Ocean, Chen Feng, Liu Wei, Director of Department of Intelligent Construction, and Zhang Xuqiang, Director of Department of Underground Engineering of Shanxi University of Engineering Science and Technology Vocational University, came to our college for exchange and research. Dean Dong Xiaoqiang, Vice Dean Ge Xinshing, Director of Foundation Department Wang Rui, Deputy Director of Department of Construction Engineering Cheng Xin and He Bin attended the exchange meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Dong Xiaoqiang, on behalf of the College, welcomed Ms. Song Yanli and her delegation to and his team to our College, and made a key presentation on the development situation and achievements of the College in recent years, and conducted an in-depth exchange on talent training and scientific research, and expressed the hope that we could take this opportunity to further deepen the exchange and cooperation between the two institutions, enhance scientific research achievements and jointly promote the service to society. Mr. Ge Xinsheng have a introduction focused on the construction of laboratories in our college.

Ms. Song Yanli introduced the development and changes of the School of Construction Engineering, undergraduate majors, faculty construction and student training of Shanxi University of Engineering Science and Technology Vocational University. Subsequently, members from both sides had extensive exchanges and discussions on specific issues of common concern. Song Yanli said that the experience of the School of Civil Engineering of Taiyuan University of Technology was very worth learning from, and hoped to further deepen exchanges and cooperation in the future to achieve common development.

After the meeting, the participants visited the civil engineering laboratory together.

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