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Announcement on the selection of national grant-in-aid for undergraduate students in 2021

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According to the requirement of the notice on issuing student financial aid and subsidy funds in 2021 (the fourth batch of Higher Education, No. 126 of Shanxi Finance and Education 2021) made by Finance and Education Departments of Shanxi Province, the school of civil engineering organized the selection of the national grant-in-aid for undergraduates in 2021.

After the application of individual students, the democratic discussion of the class and the research and approval of the party and government joint meeting of the college, we recommend Jiang Run and other 228 undergraduates of 2021 gain national grant-in-aid.

The situation of students will be recommended for publicity, and teachers and students are invited to supervise. If there is any objection, please give feedback to the school office during the publicity period.

Publication time: December 13 - December 17

Supervisory telephone: 0351-6111038

Contact: Teacher Song

Annex: A summary of students recommended for 2021 Undergraduate National Grants in the School of Civil Engineering

Student affairs office of School of Civil Engineering

December 13, 2021

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