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Announcement on the selection results of “ Inspirational Teaching Scholarship from Du Yong - Li Mei Couple”

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In order to encourage the postgraduate students and young teachers of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering Institute to work hard and make progress, Du Yong and his wife Li Mei set up “Du Yong - Li Mei Inspirational Teaching Scholarship”. Since 2020, the scholarship has been awarded to 4 postgraduate students, 2 doctoral students and 2 young teachers of the institute every year.The selection work is carried out by the committee of “Du Yong - Li Mei Couple Inspirational Teaching Scholarship” of Taiyuan University of Technology.

On the morning of December 30, 2021, the selection of “Du Yong - Li Mei Inspirational Teaching Scholarship” was conducted in the geotechnical conference room on the fifth floor of Building A. The meeting was directed by the Professor Bai Xiaohong, the chairman of the committee. Du Yong and Li Mei participated online. The offline participants were Dong Xiaoqiang (the director of geotechnical and Underground Engineering Institute), Han Pengju (the teacher representative), and Du Jing (the representative of student office ).

According to the evaluation guide and scoring rules of “Du Yong - Li Mei Couple Teaching Scholarship”, according to the achievements of the applicants, Qin Pengju and Ma Fuli were finally determined to win the “Du Yong - Li Mei Couple Encouragement and Teaching Scholarship”. Suo Chongxian, Lu Yisi, Lan Yujie, Chen Xuan, Liu Yubo and Cao Jiawei gained the Du Yong - Li Mei Couple Inspirational Scholarship.

The results will be publicized, if there is any objection, please raise within 3 working days.

Contact person: Teacher Liu

Telephone: 13835149921

Mail box: m13835149921_1@163.com

Evaluation Committee of the “Du Yong - Li Mei Inspirational Teaching Scholarship”

December 30, 2021

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