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Cultivating the sentiment of labour, singing the hymn of youth - "Collective Labour Day" for postgraduates in our college

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In order to effectively connect the labour education with the "6S safety management of laboratories", to accelerate the construction of the all around postgraduate education system and to effectively promote the "Three Thousand" project of the College, the College actively organized the second "Collective Labour Day" activities for postgraduates. On November 30, the postgraduates formed a party volunteer team and a new student volunteer team, and went to the library and laboratories of the College under the arrangement of the teachers in charge to perform voluntary work and services.

The students showed their youthfulness and vitality by actively working without any hardship. The 21st-level postgraduates said that after this work, they had a deeper understanding of labour and experienced first-hand the hardship and glory of labour, which made them attach more importance to labour and the fruits of their labour, and helped them establish a correct concept of labour and values.

The members of each party branch said that as student party members, we traced the achievements of our revolutionary ancestors and inherited their fine tradition of serving the people. We do not have to wait for the torch flame, the light and heat of our own fireflies coming together will be enough to light up our way forward.

The postgraduate students' "Collective Labour Day" series of activities put into practice the voluntary concept of dedication, love, mutual help and progress. The activities also created a clean and comfortable learning environment for all the students and teachers, highlighting the good spirit of civil engineering students and truly bringing love and responsibility into practice.

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