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Mental Health Education for College Students - "Out of the Rainy Season" of "Four Seasons of Pleasure"

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In November 2021, in order to promote students' interest in mental health, to create a strong reading atmosphere and to improve the effectiveness of mental health, the College organized a series of activities on mental health education for students - "Out of the Rainy Season" of "Four Seasons of Pleasure". The activities included a class psychology book sharing session-"Book rhyme warms the heart, moistens the soul", an essay competition on the theme of psychology-"Chasing the sunshine, running towards the rainbow", the creation of artworks- "The light of art shines on the soul", and so on. Our students participated enthusiastically, showing the vigorous and positive spirit of contemporary university students.

The psychological committee members of each class planned and organized carefully, urging students to read books on psychology in the first stage, and then organized real-time sharing of the psychological books they had read in the form of class meetings and sharing sessions. During the sharing session, some students told their classmates about communication skills between people from their own perceptions of reading and benefiting from the impact of the book "Non-Violence and Communication". Other students gave speeches, recitations and post-readings in which they spoke passionately about what they had learned from reading, expressing the growth and enjoyment that reading psychological books had brought them.

The theme essay competition received more than 60 submissions, and three outstanding entries were finally selected. Through their words, everyone actively expressed their positive experience of study life and encouraged other students to love study and life more. In addition, students also submitted different forms of original works of art, including paintings, calligraphy, photos and videos. The content of the works were all positive and showed the same optimistic state of life of the students from different perspectives.

The philosopher Rousseau once said: "The person who lives the most meaningful life is not the one who lives the longest in years, but the one who feels the most about life". We hope that through this activity, students will have a positive attitude towards life, feel the beauty of their study life, deepen their understanding of mental health knowledge and grasp more ways to deal with psychological problems. We hope that students will develop a correct value in dealing with problems in their future academic life-Embrace the sunshine from the heart.

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